Trainings and project developments

Our team of skilled technicians and engineers provides the trainings and services of project developments for our customers. We always try to understand the problems and targets of our clients, find the best professional solutions and launch all steps to reach the goal.

The main services we provide with

Software trainings for the operators

  • To understand all functions of the software.
  • To set up the parameters.
  • To program the machining operations for the most complex end-products.


We can provide the trainings for our suppliers’ software as ICam, bSolid, CAD CAM 2d/3D, Perfect Cut, Parametrix etc.

Courses of EASY STONE programming

  • Three types of courses – Basic, Advanced and Premium.
  • The teacher is our Product engineer with 15 years’ experience in Stone processing.
  • The course combines theory and practice to build the strong understanding of all programming processes at once.

Project development

We can propose the development of customer’s project at any step of its realization like:

  • Preparing the list of needed equipment based on customer’s budget and view of end-product.
  • Calculation of equipment capacity according to the customer’s task.
  • Making the layout of the factory with correct placement of all future machines.
  • Providing the variants of production automatization (with the help of robots).

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