We offer the best solutions in Equipment, Tools, Spare parts and EVA film from the top producers of Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Israel, India and China.

Our company is proud to present all brands of BIESSE Group, as well as North Glass, Dip-Tech, Bovone, FORVET, CEFLA, FOM and other high-level producers at the market of Furniture production, Glass, Aluminum and Stone processing.

We are a partner for our suppliers that is ready to support innovative ideas, develop our mutual business and present the goods in the most experienced way to sustain and enhance the reputation of brands and grow the friendship with our customers.

Our range of equipment

Glass processing


  • Cutting tables and lines
  • CNC horizontal and vertical machining centers
  • Washing machines
  • Double-edging machines and lines
  • Drilling and milling machines
  • Single-side edging and bevelling machines
  • Glass tempering, fusing and bending furnaces
  • Laminated furnaces for triplex
  • Printers and roller coating equipment
  • Waterjet cutting machines

Wood processing


  • CNC working centers Biesse
  • CNC cutting centers Biesse
  • Grinding machines
  • Boring and inserting machines
  • Pressing machines
  • Edge banding equipment

Stone processing


  • CNC horizontal machining centers
  • 5-axis saw cutting machines
  • Wire cutting machines – single and multi wires
  • Waterjet cutting machines
  • Slab polishing equipment
  • Turning and milling centers
  • Single- and Double-edging grinding and polishing machines
  • 2D/3D measure digital Proliner

Tools and accessories


  • Diamond cup and peripheral CNC wheels
  • Resin cup wheels for glass edging and bevelling
  • Profiled tools for glass and stone
  • Diamond routers, drills, countersinks, belts and handpads
  • Polishing tools
  • Diamond saw blades for stone, glass and ceramic
  • PCD and HM tools for wood processing: saw blades, drills, countersinks, router bit
  • Technical liquids and oils

Spare parts

  • Spindles and motors
  • Water, vacuum and oil pumps
  • Bearings, mechanical and electronic components
  • Suction cups
  • Belts, wires, cables

EVA film for glass lamination and accessories

  • Transparent and color EVA film
  • Heat-resistant tape
  • Silicone bags
  • Teflon mesh
  • Decorative materials for lamination: fabric, paper


We have developed and implemented a warehouse system to solve quickly the problems of goods’ storage and delivery, a program that allows us to organize uninterrupted deliveries of equipment, tools, spare parts and EVA film to the desired region on customer’s request.

We can propose the delivery with our own cars, by post service or loading to the customer’s vehicle at our premises.

2 000 sqm storage site

Validity of 9 000 types of Spare parts

Validity of 15 000 items of Tools and 100 items of EVA film

Own cars and trucks for the fast goods delivery to the customers

Correct storage conditions: stable temperature and humidity level

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